(Solved) How to unlock the swipe lock in xperia mini pro touch using keyboard

Pada beberapa pekan yang lalu penulis mengalami masalah dengan perangkat sony xperia mini, dimana touchscreen (yang tidak berfungsi) dan tiba-tiba layar mati namun saat dinyalakan system android memberikan indikasi baterai idle (kelap-kelip hijau). Kemudian reparasi dan masalah terletak pada kabel fleksible dimana kabel fleksible (sobek dan beberapa kabel putus). Setelah mengganti kabel ternyata waktu serta setting lock swipe kembali ke setting swap-lock… masalahnya adalah touch screen tidak berfungsi bagaimana saya bisa ke home screen?. Setelah browsing dan searching kemudian penulis menemukan beberapa solusi untuk kembali bisa menggunakan perangkat xperia mini pro tanpa ‘mengganti layar’ berikut adalah caranya:
#1 pastikan keyboard dan sambungan kabel fleksible

XPERIA Mini Pro SK17i touch pad not working, need to unlock screen & use keyboard Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro, model SK17i has a physical slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

However, when at some point the touch pad digitizer stopped responding, there was no way for me to unlock the screen of the phone, so I could navigate using the keyboard and make a backup of contacts and other settings. It’s still under warranty, but the service centers always say, that they have to completely wipe the phone in majority of cases… 😦

I looked on the Net, and found quite a lot of posts stating the same problem: sceen locked, touchpad not working, and unable to use the keyboard to try and rescue the Contacts, SMS/MMS messages etc. – but no solution. I even phoned Sony Mobile support to ask for a method to unlock the screen, and they said it’s impossible.

However I did not give up, and, while desperately searching for a solution I stumbled upon a code, which invokes a service menu. This code looks like this:


It’s supposed to be dialled like a telephone number, similarly to the well-known code to obtain the phone’s IMEI number (*#06#).
Sony Ericsson programmers made it possible to dial an emergency number (or any number for that matter) via the slide-out keyboard. So I tried to dial this code…
After some strange screen activity, whereby I had to use the arrow keys and ENTER key to close some popping windows, I found myself in the service menu. After pressing the “Home” key under the display (the only hardware key on the top surface) I had my home screen, unlocked and ready for action!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I was able to navigate the phone using arrows , ENTER and Home keys to download a backup app from the Market (aka Google Play), do the backup and sigh with relief…
The only downside is, that there seems to be no hardware equivalent of the “Back” soft-key (which is also touch-operated, and hence not working), so one has to use the Home key a lot and start over if one wants a different menu selection. But this is a minor nuisance, the most important thing is that I could back up my valuable content and now can send the phone for a warranty repair and let the servicepeople do whatever it takes…

Hope to have helped, I know I was VERY relieved πŸ™‚

– lepas semua kartu
– kemudian lepas baterai
– kemudian masukkan kartu baru
– voila….anda akan dimasukkan ke menu setting
– setelah halaman home anda dapat diakses segera ganti password dengan ‘NOPASSWORD’

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